It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! VBS!!!

I love Vacation Bible School!  I would be happy doing VBS every week of the year–very happy and very exhausted!  Our Hispanic VBS starts tonight.  Can’t wait!  As I am preparing the final details to be ready to host over 100 kiddos this evening, my heart reminds me of hundreds of children who have come to our VBS through the years.   So many precious memories….

Stopping to pick up children at a small house on a dirt road in West Columbia, the kids already waiting on the porch jumping up and down with excitement so eager to come to church.  Would that they never lost that excitement to learn about God.

Feeling terribly sick before VBS one year in Mexico but pushing myself to go because I was the director.  Dragging myself out of the car at church to be met by a little girl who hugged me tightly and proclaimed, “Te quiero mucho!”  (I love you so much!)  Suddenly feeling much better and inspired to keep on going!

Watching the look of awe on a little boy’s face the first time he ever heard about heaven and how he could live there one day!

Knowing that the only place some of the kids hear that they are loved and feel that they are loved is at VBS each year.

Telling the old, old story on the Mexico teen missions trip last summer and having the joy of leading 23 children to Christ.

Three-year-old Sarai learning the Bible verse last year and enthusiastically quoting it to me all year long!  She has ALREADY learned the first verse for tonight’s class!!!!

The time one of our bus riders flipped off a passing driver and she got so mad that she stopped her car, got out and started yelling about our bad-mannered children.  Our bus driver gently told her that all kinds of children were welcome to come to our church and hear about Jesus.  May that always be true!

The J’s working along side us helping out wherever and whenever needed.  Wouldn’t want to do VBS with out them!  One of the J’s telling of leading a child to Christ and what a great experience it was.

Our church teens also happily helping out wherever needed–leading songs, riding the bus, taking kids to the bathroom, helping with crafts, starring in dramas!

Boys and girls excitedly giving their offering waiting to see who’s gonna win and whether the pastor or his wife or one of the J”s is gonna get the pie in the face for losing on Friday night.

Using glitter on craft projects and after endlessly vacuuming trying to clean up deciding to ban glitter for all future art projects!  jaja

A mom showing me a picture of her children’s graduation diplomas from all the VBS’s they have attended at our church through the years.

Running into kids who have grown up now and sadly no longer attend church but still greet us with wide smiles and tell us how much they loved coming to church and VBS when they were younger.  May the seeds planted yet bring forth fruit for God’s glory.

Pray with us that many new children and parents would attend and hear the old, old story and become new creatures in Christ this week.  May God give us fruit that remains.

I love to tell the story!  ‘Twill be my theme in glory!  To tell the old, old story of Jesus and His love.



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