Jehovah-Jireh Cars Cars Cars

We had just gotten married and started the process of living happily ever after.  We had nothing but the towels and dishes and other wedding presents we had received.  We were just two crazy youngsters totally broke and livin’ on love!

Livin’ on love was all well and romantic, but we did need a vehicle to make the trip to Phoenix.  We were going to work under the leadership of Dr. Ricardo Mercado at the Mexican Gospel Mission for one year before returning the Mexico to teach at the Ebenezer Bible Institute and plant churches.

I received $1000 inheritance from my grandfather who had recently passed away and told my new husband that we could use that money to buy a clunker that would hopefully make it all the way across the country.  Jacinto said he did not think we should use the money for that.  We prayed that God would provide a car for us.

The next morning a deacon from my home church called and asked if we needed a car!  We had told no one but the Lord!  We were very excited to receive a free Honda Civic.  We packed up all our wedding presents in that little car and headed across the country to begin our great adventure serving the Lord together.

A year later we moved to Hermosillo, Mexico, and began a church plant in Calle 12.  At the time most people living there did not own vehicles.  Most traveled on foot or used bicycles.  We used to joke about how our walk-in church crowd was much larger than our drive-in crowd!

We used our small Honda Civic for our bus ministry.  Our record of packing kids into that car was 21 people!  (There were no seat belt laws at the time.)  We packed kids in the front and back seats in three layers and crammed others into the back leaving the hatch door open and their legs dangling out!

Time passed and we had three J’s with a fourth on the way!  We could only fit three car seats in the back seat so needed another car.  Jacinto traveled to Florida to visit his large family.  There were many cars parked outside his father’s house.  We had told no one that we needed a new car–only the Lord.  His family told Jacinto to take his pick of all the cars parked outside.  He came home with a beautiful blue car.

More time passed and we had four J’s with a fifth on the way!  We could only fit four car seats in that blue car so needed another car.  One night I prayed a simple prayer, “Dear Lord, I know that you can provide another car for us whenever you want to!”  That same week we received a phone call from a man from the church in California that built our house.  Again we had not told anyone about our need, but the man told us God had impressed upon his heart to offer us a station wagon if we could come and get it!  So Jacinto went to California and brought us back a nine passenger station wagon!

Many other cars have been given to our family through the years.  While driving to Tennessee one time, our old red sky lark was totaled in an accident.  Before we had time to fret or pray for another car, we were offered a free replacement!

I used to joke that since my car was so old and decrepit I wouldn’t mind if someone stole it because they would have to be desperate and need it more than me!  Someone must have been listening because one night my old car was stolen!  The bad thing was that the J’s had left FIVE musical instruments in the trunk some of which belonged to their Christian school.

We prayed and asked others to pray that the car would be recovered.  Later on that same day the police called that our car had been discovered abandoned on a dirt road out of town.  Praise the Lord all the instruments were still safe in the trunk!

Over the years we have been given at least ten vehicles!  God has us spoiled now!  Nothing is more exciting than to have a need and pray and watch God work!  God is great!

“But my God shall supply ALL your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4:19


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