No Fun at the Fair

Way back eons ago when Judy was a teenager (just kidding Judy!  wasn’t that long ago), she went to the South Carolina State Fair with her friends.  She had an advanced purchase pay one price voucher.  At that time you could not use pop vouchers on Saturdays, but the fine print said you could trade in the voucher for 28 ride tickets.  I told Judy this before she went off to the fair with her friends that Saturday.

When she came home that evening I asked, “Did you have a good time?”  “Not especially,” she replied.  “Why not?” I asked surprised.  “I couldn’t ride any rides.  I just walked around the whole time and watched my friends have fun.”  “Why didn’t you ride any rides?” I questioned puzzled.  “Didn’t you use the voucher?”

“My friends told me it wasn’t any good on Saturday.”  “But I told you you could turn it in for tickets to use for rides.  Did you really not ride anything all day long?”  Judy sadly shook her head.

My poor baby wandered around and around at the state fair watching other people have fun all day long with a voucher in her pocket that she could have used to have same fun others were enjoying!  If only she had asked someone who worked at the fair instead of trusting in her friends’ opinion.

How often do we as Christians wander around and around in our Christian lives watching God work in others’ lives and answer their prayers but not trusting in His promises to work in our life and answer our requests?

We have the very same voucher–the promises of God for all His children but somehow we fail to believe that those promises are good for us.  Perhaps others have convinced us that God will not answer our prayers or that what we want to ask for is impossible.  If others discourage us from trusting God to do big things and answer impossible prayer requests, we should read the “fine print” on God’s promises and trust Him anyway!

We don’t have to be spectators watching other Christians get answers to prayer.  God can and will answer our prayers if we will use our “vouchers” and trust Him to work in His time!

“Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises….” 2 Peter 1:4

Every promise in the book is mine,

Every chapter, every verse, every line.

All are blessings of His love divine.

Every promise in the book is mine.


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