Mexico Memories Miserable Comforters Are Ye All

Before we moved into the house that God built along with all the creepy, crawly critters, I received lots of unsolicited advice!

One missionary friend warned me, “If your children are bitten by scorpions, it will be fatal.”  Joey was one-month-old at the time so this concerned me quite a bit.

Another friend warned, “Due to the lack of hygiene in the village, your children will probably get sick a lot.”

A Bible institute teacher advised, “Your children are light-skinned and could easily be kidnapped!”

Wow!  Of course, I was very concerned as I had six young children to care for.  These predictions caused me some anxiety.  I could relate to Job when he said of his friends, “Miserable comforters are ye all.”  Job 16:2

I took my worries to the Lord and shared with Him what my friends had told me.  God seemed to remind me that the safest place for my children to be was in the will of God wherever that might be.  If God had called us to move to the village, God would take care of us there!

And God did take care of us!  We killed many scorpions in that house, but thank the Lord none of us were ever bitten by one!  My children were never kidnapped.  They loved the freedom of village life.  They played with many neighborhood friends, went barefoot, swam in canals, explored the village, walked to corner stores to buy a coke or one pesos’s worth of candy.  It was an adventurous, carefree life for them that they recall with fondness to this day.

And the J’s hardly ever got sick!  In fact, when we moved to South Carolina in December of 2003, almost everyone in Grace Baptist Church was sick with some virus going around.  None of us caught it!  None of the J’s got sick!  All that outdoor living playing in the dirt had given them very strong immune systems.  They still have extremely good health and are rarely sick to this day.

It’s much safer to be in a dangerous place if God calls you there than to stay in a safe environment without God’s blessing on your life.  “If Jesus goes with me, I’ll go anywhere!”



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