Mexico Memories Creepy, Crawly Critters

Jacinto–the rat slayer,
fly shooer,
creepy, crawly exterminator!
Our hero!!!


When we moved into the house that God built, a lot of creepy, crawly critters moved in with us!  Jacinto killed a rattlesnake in the house before we moved in.  Talk about a house warming present!

Sometimes it felt like we were reliving the plagues of Egypt!  The white ceiling in our kitchen would turn black–black with all the flies that got into the house!  When it was time to eat, so that we could eat in peace without the flies partaking with us, Jacinto would grab a dish towel and try to shoo all the flies back outside.  Jacinto, the rat slayer, was also my hero for being Jacinto, the fly shooer!

Have you ever thought the sound of crickets chirping was cute and relaxing?  It’s not so cute and relaxing when 25 or so are chirping on your living room wall and eating holes in your clothes!

There were so many lizards!  For a long time I jumped every time I walked outside as three or four lizards always seemed to wait outside to surprise me.  Of course, the lizards also got into the house.  One time a lizard startled Julie, and they both ran screaming across the living room floor.  Have you ever seen/heard a lizard scream?  It is not a pretty sight/sound!  The lizard hid under our piano with only its twitching tail showing.  I certainly wasn’t going in there after it!  Anything too big to squash we saved for Jacinto, the rat slayer, fly shooer, and creepy, crawly critter exterminator!

We came home from church one night to find a humongous frog sitting by our door.  “I’m not going in!” declared Judy.  That time the frog hopped away, but another day he or his twin appeared in our bathroom!  Jacinto wasn’t home so we closed the door and waited for the creepy, crawly critter exterminator to arrive!

One day a girl from the Bible institute was helping me clean house.  She asked me, “Do your children have a toy tarantula?”  “Yes, they do,” I replied.  Relieved she went back to cleaning the girls’ bedroom.  A few minutes later she ran back to me, “It moved!!!!” she exclaimed.  Once again we closed the door and waited for our hero–the creepy, crawly critter exterminator to arrive!

I noticed Johnny kept opening and closing the microwave door.  “What are you doing?” I asked.  “I’m collecting bugs and putting them in the microwave!”  Didn’t have to wait for any exterminator to put a stop to that one!

The critters that scared me the most were the scorpions.  Joey was one month old when we moved into the house, and I had been warned that if a scorpion bit my baby it could be fatal.  Jacinto had been bitten once in the shower while we lived in the Bible institute, and it had been very painful.  I dreaded facing scorpions.  I was skeered.

We hadn’t lived in the house very long before the J’s informed me that something strange was crawling on the living room wall.  I hurried in and sure enough there was a humongous scorpion on the wall.  There was no door to close to trap him.  My creepy, crawly critter exterminator was not at home.  To wait for him could be dangerous for my children so I took off my shoe and prayed, “Dear Jesus, Help me not to miss!” and squashed that sucker to the wall!  I sent that varmint to his punishment because scorpions (just like rats) deserve no reward!

The first year we lived in the house that God built, I killed 20 scorpions!  TWENTY!  If I had done like the gunslingers in westerns of yore, I would have carved 20 notches on my shoe!  Every time I talked to my mom on the phone she would ask, “How many have you killed now?” and I would inform her of the running total!

A group from my home church, Franklin Road Baptist Church, came down and built a cement block fence around our house.  After that we hardly had any scorpions invade the house anymore.  Maybe they were too lazy to crawl over or around the fence.  For whatever reason, I was just grateful for their demise!

I’m a big fan of God’s grace!  In 2 Corinthians 12:9 He promised, “…My grace is sufficient for you.”  Sufficient in the big, hard problems of life and sufficient to deal with the creepy, crawly critters He sends our way!



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