Mexico Memories Nothing is More Romantic than Rat Removal!

I was bustling around early one morning in our tiny apartment in the Bible institute getting ready to give six-month-old Judy a bath to get the day started.  I knelt down and picked up Judy’s pink bathtub to turn it over and fill with water for her bath.  When I lifted up the bathtub, a huge rat ran out right in my face!  When I say huge, I mean HUGE!  The rat grows larger every time I tell the story just like a fisherman’s tale!

I lost my mind, screamed bloody murder, ran out of the bathroom, through the dining room, skipped over Judy crawling on the floor, and jumped onto our bed where Jacinto was sleeping.  Talk about a rude awakening!.

The rat followed after me also skipping around Judy and disappeared somewhere in the dark regions.  I don’t know where.  I didn’t watch.  I was too busy screaming.  Finally I remembered I was a mother with an abandoned daughter still crawling on the floor and went to rescue her!

It took us awhile to capture that rat.  At night we could hear it running over the hangers in our bedroom closet.  We could hear the traps snap shut without catching it due to its HUGE size.  One night Jacinto trapped it in our spare bedroom and sent it to its punishment.  (I’m sure rats do not go to any reward!)

Jacinto the rat slayer was my hero!  You may think flowers and candy spell romance.  I say nothing is more romantic than rat removal!  Now that’s pure poetry and romance!

I was perturbed in my soul.  How was I going to live in peace in a house where rats might randomly surprise me?  I was jumpy when I turned over the bathtub, when I opened drawers, when I heard unexplained noises in the night.  I asked the Lord to give me grace.

I began reading a biography about missionaries in Japan during World War II. (My over 50 memory  cannot recall the title.)  The missionaries were rounded up during the war and put into a prison camp.  The writer said that the house they stayed in was full of rats and that every night they would take brooms and run through the house rounding up the rats and killing them so they could sleep in peace!  Wow!  That story made my one little HUGE rat not seem quite so bad!  God gave grace to those missionaries, and He could and did give grace to me to face all the creepy, crawly critters!

“And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee…”  2 Corinthians 12:9.



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