Mexico Memories-Rebecca’s Room of Many Colors

I glared at the walls as I sat on the couch in our small apartment in the Ebenezer Bible Institute in Hermosillo, Mexico.  One wall was painted bright blue, another was peach and a third was beige.  “This looks horrible,” I fumed.  “Why didn’t they ask me what color I wanted before they painted it?”

My husband and I were just starting our first year working at the Bible institute, living by faith and watching God provide for our needs in creative ways.  We had no extra money to spend on paint. We had no extra money to spend on anything!  I was stuck with Rebecca’s room of many colors!

Some days later a teenage girl from our village church visited us in our apartment.  She looked around our tiny kitchen/dining/living room and said with great enthusiasm, “Tu casa es muy bonita!”  (Your house is very pretty.)  Of all the adjectives I could have used to describe my multi-colored room, “bonita” was not even on the list!  I knew that teenage girl lived in an even smaller adobe hut with a dirt floor.  To her, my house really was very pretty!

I felt so convicted!  I knew I should be grateful for whatever house God provided for us to live in.  God changed my attitude that day!

Time passed, we got some extra money, and one special day we were able to paint our room all the same color!  Yea!  Everything matched!  I was very happy!  I threw up the door of our apartment and waited for people to come visit and compliment us on how good our apartment looked now that all the walls matched!  Guess what?  No one said a word!  Not one person seemed to even notice!

I realized a great truth.  Yes, I was happy to have a nicer looking room, but my true joy was not affected at all!  Rebecca’s room of many colors really did not matter much!  I could be content wherever God chose to place me.  Like Paul I could LEARN to be content!  Philippians 4:11, “Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have LEARNED, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”


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