Musing on Moses-Part One

Who am I, that I should go…?”  Exodus 3:11

I’ve been chuckling lately as I read all the excuses Moses threw at God when God called him into ministry.  I have plagiarized Moses many times throwing the same excuses at God when he calls me to do something!

When God puts a burden in your heart to do something for him, or someone asks you to participate or be in charge of a ministry, isn’t your first response, “Who me?”  We don’t usually feel adequate or especially equipped to serve the Lord.  I think the devil tries to discourage us so we won’t have the courage to serve the Lord.

The devil can discourage us with our own thoughts.  “How can I serve the Lord when I fought with my husband yesterday?  yelled at the kids in exasperation? thought mean thoughts about my fellow Christian?  failed to read my Bible? ere I left my room this morning didn’t think to pray?

Other people can discourage us.  One lady from my home church said to me once, “You are the LAST person I ever thought would be a missionary!”  How was I supposed to respond?  “Wow, thanks!”  haha

Circumstances can discourage us.  Moses’ circumstances surely could have discouraged him!  He was wanted on a murder charge, no longer welcome in the palace, rejected by his fellow Israelites.  He had many reasons to ask, “Who me?”

It’s so interesting that God did not spend ANY time trying to convince Moses to go by mentioning  his good qualities, abilities, or talents.  God spent no time sympathizing or reassuring Moses!  God did NOTHING to build up Moses’ self esteem!

God’s simple answer was, “Certainly, I will be with thee…” (Exodus 3:12)  It did not matter who Moses was, what his natural gifts and abilities were, what his past history had been.  What mattered was that God would be with him!  That was all that mattered!  That was the reason for Moses to go and serve the Lord!

Friends, when God calls us to serve Him in any way, in any ministry, it does not matter who we are, what our natural gifts and abilities are, what type of personality we may have.  What matters is that God goes with us!  This thought blesses my soul!!!!

It’s not who you are when you go; it’s Who goes with you!


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