Mexico Memories-Maria Lopez

It’s been 14 years since I lived in Mexico, yet Mexico memories still live on in my heart and appear frequently in my dreams.  I had some of my best times and some of my hardest times in the Sonoran desert.

One of my heroes was Maria Lopez.  Maria was an Indian from Oaxaca who had moved north with her husband, Antonio, escaping from a bad family situation and seeking a better life.  Antonio was a drunkard who frequently beat his wife and mistreated his children.  When he got saved, their lives changed completely.

Maria was a tough, hard working woman.  She spent her days in the fields working beside her husband harvesting grapes, squash, melons and other produce.  One day when I was visiting their home, I watched Maria pull ears of corn out of a pot of boiling water with her bare hands!  When I asked her how she could do that, she replied that her hands were so calloused from years of hard work that she no longer felt anything in her fingers.

Maria never had the opportunity to go to school.  She never learned to read or write. However, Maria had a burning desire to tell others about Jesus and how to be saved.  God had changed her family completely, and she longed to share the good news with others.  So Maria memorized the Romans Road verses.  She recognized numbers so she would turn in the Bible to the verse she was going to use and then let the person she was witnessing to read the verse while she quoted it from memory!  Maria led many people to the Lord this way!

I submit to you that though Maria never spent one day in a classroom, she was one of the wisest people I ever met!  She spent her time on things of eternal value.  “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.”  Proverbs 11:30

Maria had cancer a few years ago and is now in heaven.  What a joy to know that I will see her again one day and so will all the other people she led to the Lord while here on earth.  Remembering Maria reminds me that we have no excuse for not sharing the gospel with other people.  We can read and write and God can use us to reach others for Christ–if like Maria we are willing to be used!




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